Officers Training course has Ended


Closing Ceremony held at the End of Training Course (TOT) for immigration officers. To honor Officers newly qualified as a trainer.

Much thanks and congratulations were given to the officers of newly trained to be trainer. This morning ceremony held at RAMADA hotel Sulaimanyah Kurdistan region.

Among the officers, High-ranking general and senior official were at the place. Certificate has been given to more than 40 officers who were trained past two weeks by International organiasation for migration (IOM). Professional tutors specialist in examining passport and border managnment.who are came far away to teach, along the state officials, nonprofits and event sponsors congratulated over 40 officers on their decision to be a trainer.

Another 20 officers were trained in May 2013, to recognize the necessary steps to check passport. According to immigration directorate, the officers should have skillfully performing to give their country best value of protection and security.

This year is the second time IOM has held this event; the attention is to organize immigration in way to gain a standard devolved country level. And to make officers be familiar with every step that essential to take in immigration.


Nabaz Jamal

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