Strategic plans in action To stop spreading HIV/AIDS in Kurdistan region. The leader of the HIV program Considering Best way to provide treatment to stop the spread. The HIV/AIDS prevention advocated visited the Director of Sulaimanyah Immigration. Kardo Osman who is in charge of media & relation section stated; “the leader of the HIV prevention has visited the directorate of sulaimanyah immigration for the purpose of avoiding the virus pass around. Christian trope who’s a leader also met the director brigadier Salar Abdullah Mahmoud to exchange crucial information and find possible ways to stop the disease spread-out. Trope proposed to provide a training course to increase the awareness and study more guides to detect the sign that are related to HIV’’ treatment continue to be needed for people infected with AIDS.

Osman reiterated there is blood check center in the directorate to inspect the immigrants who are intending to stay in Kurdistan. Prior to receiving the permit to stay in Kurdistan the applicant has to go through the blood center to be tested to make it certain that they are HIV negative or has not affected with any other disease. Finally allowed residency otherwise will be send back to where they originated. There are lot s of people who are infected we want to prevent the transmission of virus in Kurdistan region.


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