Officers Training course held in Sulaymaniyah Immigration


Immigration Training Center as part of Directorate of Sulaimanyah Immigration held a DUCUMENT EXMAINATION TREANING COURSE for new officers inside the directorate and ports of Sulaymaniyah immigration for duration of one week.  Captain Alan Nihad The manager of the immigration training center who organizes the course said; our aims and objectives for this course is to provide the best possible up to date knowledge to the new officers tracking down the best skill for those who have recently graduated from MILLATARY COLLEGE. The purpose of the course to formalize officers with passport and visa inspection in order to detect false documentation also clarifies the correct format of mentioned documents. Equipped the officers with a best skill is the center priority. The course will help the officer’s capability to stop people who are carrying counterfeit document trying to enter Kurdistan region or vice versa.

Moreover Nihad also added; the officers who play a part in the course work in various places and ports. The course has a big impact on officer’s daily work to recognize authentic documents and also make the officers aware of the procedure of checking passport in order to stop people using the forged document and visas. Throughout the course, the center has its own seized counterfeit passport and visa to demonstrate while the training in process. Final day of the course assessment will be in progress.

The training will continue for five working days, the course material, preparation and the presentation will complete by the qualified document examiner who has been working in immigration for many years.

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