Land Border Crossing of Tawella




Land Border Crossing of Tawella


Welcome to the port of Tawella, Established by the Directorate of Sulaimanyah Immigration,

Approach area over a length of 150 km from the city of Sulaimanyah. This is the area of which – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – of the public nautical and maritime tasks. As it is responsibility to ensure a smooth, safe, environmentally friendly and secure carriage handling, Challenge that the Leading of everyone who are calling at the Port of Tawella finds their visit trouble-free and enjoyable.


Enforcing Port Bye-laws and other regulations, the Port regionally was opened in 2003 in Hawrman area Near the Halabja Town. 100 km from As Sulaimanyah. Also it’s a crucial port between Iran and Iraq which bound with Pawa City of Iran. THE port recognized by both country as (TAWELLA,SHUMSHE) the. Majority of its travellers using this port are Iranian and people from neighboring countries.

The harbor Port of Tawella 

It’s located in the continuously manned Harbors Coordination Center, at, near the Tawella Region not very distance from the City of Sulaimanyah.


The port of Tawella is well known for its high standards of nautical services, the safe and

Smooth handling of transport and a Vessel Traffic Guidance System of high quality.


Regularly the duty is to provide the residency Card service for Iranian Sponsored by The Iraqi Companies and those who are coming for tourist purpose to Kurdistan Region. Provide them with 10 days arrival info, and later if they wanted to extend their stay it’s obligatory to visit the Directorate of Sulaimanyah Immigration (DSI).


The Immigration Coordination Center has been established in order to centrally receive and

Handle all operational maritime requests, questions, messages and reports.


The port Service Center is continuously operated, and is primarily responsible for

The safety of traffic and also navigation in the harbor basins. Its tasks

Include planning and control of truck traffic, transfer quays in the entire port area,


Requirement to travel via (TAWELLA, SHUMSHE) Port depend of two Points;

Specific for those Iranian Kurdish Entering Kurdistan, required to fulfill this terms and conditions below:

  1. It’s Essential the individual entering through this border are belongs to Kurdish ethnicity.


  1. Require to carry one of these types of document (Milli card, ShunaS nama, Passport) it’s essential the document should have the authentic photograph of the holder, otherwise they will receive penalty and might be prosecuted.


  1. Provide Iraqi Person as (Vouch) to guarantee, and this Iraqi sponsor requires to bring list of identification along (Iraqi Passport, Iraqi Id card, and its required both know each other personally.


  1. The pass permits Card only valid For 10 days.


  1. After 10 days you required to visits the Directorate of Sulaimanyah Immigration (DSI) for renewal.


  1. Individual who are coming through companies’ sponsorship their transaction has to be done at DSI via companies sponsor? Then later at return the land crossing border issue them with a Pass permit.


  1. At return the individual who has entered Kurdistan must hand in their pass permit to Land crossing Border and depart from Kurdistan soil.



  1. Those who are issued with 24 hours Enter/Exit card from DSI it’s required to return the card at departure to land crossing border port or POE.


1)      Specific for commercial vehicles;

a)      The driver should receive a permission card from the port borer.

b)      The driver shall provide the drivers endorsement from the driver council center in the area.



Within the harbor the relevant operational departments are:


At Directorate of Sulaymainyah Immigration (DSI)





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