Land border crossing of Parwezkhan



Land border crossing of Parwezkhan

Welcome to the port of Parwezkhan, it’s Established by the Directorate of Sulaimanyah formally opened as one of the land crossing port carried on working hard constantly. It’s based in the Qoratu district. The service in this area runs24 hours a day, 7 days a week – of the public nautical and maritime tasks. As it is responsibility to ensure a smooth, safe, environmentally friendly and secure carriage handling, Challenge that the Leading of everyone who are calling at the Port of Parwezkhan finds their visit trouble-free and enjoyable.


Started developing firstly in 1999 and formally opened as one of the border ports near the Town of Qoratu in 2003. Then Later on the 12/12/2010 regionally and nationally recognized as one of the main ports in the country. The Aims and objectives to built up this port is to support travellers and visitors from Iran and Iraq or vice versa.  To carryout they are journey straightforwardly as possible.

Parewezkhan is located at some 220 KM in the South East of Sulaimanyah City. Also Its one of the Crucial border Connection Point between Kurdistan Region/Iraq and Iran. Its close distance to (Qoratu) area which is a small Town Not far from Kalar Region, It’s systematically linked with Iraianin Soil, Town named (Qasri Shirin) and Town of Kermanshah City of Iran. Generally speaking the aims and objectives of this Border Point that linked these two countries together for tourist and business Commercial targets.


Effort and activities of this border reflected and divided in to two points;

Firstly; we try our best to do everything in our power to ensure the tourists and travellers safety, be confident  during their visit who are coming for the purpose of work or holiday trip coming To Kurdistan Region or vice versa.

Iranian that need to come to Kurdistan they will get (Travel Pass Permit) which they can stay in Kurdistan for 10 days.

Secondly; unifying the traffic of loaded truck and traders who are using this port for commercial or business target.


Requirement and rules;


  •   Visitor or individual who are Enter Kurdistan region requires carrying one of these documents (ID card. Passport, Carti Milli) it’s essential to have authentic Photo on any of this document at the border.


  •   The person who is Entering Kurdistan hold this types of document  (ID card or Milli Card) , necessarily the person require to provide Iraqi vouch (guarantor)come along with their Iraqi documentation ensure that they have all  the needed documents and also essentially both parties should know each other.


  •   Iraqi Vouch requires providing a (Iraqi ID card or Iraqi Nationality Card or Passport).


  •  Border travel passes Only Valid for 10 days. Then after 10 days for renewal you require to call in or visit a directorate of Sulaimanyah Immigration.


  •   Individual who are coming through companies’ sponsorship their transaction has to be done at DSI via companies sponsor? Then later at return the land crossing border issue them with a Pass permit.


  •   At return the individual who has entered Kurdistan must hand in their pass permit to Land crossing Border and depart from Kurdistan soil.


  •  Those who are issued with 24 hours Enter/Exit card from DSI its required to return the card at departure to land crossing border port or POE.



Specific for commercial vehicles;

a)      The driver should receive a permission card from the port borer.

b)      The driver must provide and carrying approval license from the driver assembly council center in the area.









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