Land border crossings of Kelle



Land border crossings of Kelle

Land border crossings of Kelle are one of the ports Administrated by the Directorate OF SUluamnayan Immigration. Its established on 15/09/2002 as one of the border Ports in the Village of Darshmana Near The Town Of Qaladze, its formed to cooperate and support  make the  trip easy and  simple for visitors from Iran or elsewhere.

Kelle Borer Ports Geographically Located on the top of the maintain SALARA in the North East of Qaladze Region of Sulaimanyah City. Some of (200) KM far from Sulaimanyah. And its heights from the sea 1700 m. high from the sea. Located very close to the district of Halshoh. And situated between Qaladze and Iranian city Sardasht.

The priority of these Ports is to organizing the crowd of departure and entrant of visitors provide the best possible service the main aim is to carry out the client’s job on time. From this port we offer a Pass permit in order to pass through and enter the Kurdistan Region

Visitors require holding (Karti Millie, Iran ID card, Passport) after the assurance of their named acknowledged from the border security control.

The foreign applicant requires providing an Iraqi Vouch along and the vouch should provide a necessary document such as (Iraqi nutrition form and ID card). They will then receive 15 days Pass permit card.

After 10 days of the visit in Kurdistan soil, if they are stay longer for the purpose of work. Local Company or factory has to sponsor them for extended their stay. To do it’s essential to visit the one the directorate of Immigrations in Kurdistan region.

Finally when the person or visitor need to return it’s a requirement to handover the Pass permit to Kelle Border Ports officials, next the person must leave the Kurdistan Soil.



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