Land border crossings of Bashmakh



Land border crossings of Bashmakh

Land border crossings Of Bashmakh its a Part of the Directorate of Sulaimanyah Immigration. Initially was opened in 2001 in the name of Bashmakh Immigration which is part of The Directorate of Sulaimanyah Immigration. 2003 officially opened as one of the Immigration Border Ports Near Pengwin Town.

Bashmakh has stirred imaged of strong point, hope, adventure.

On the 26/7/2007 formally Opened by Iraqi and Iranian Government and Officially Recognized as one of the Significant Border Ports Between Iraq and Iran.

Bashmkh Port Located: Bashmakh Port 107 km At the North East of City Of Sulaimanyah. it’s located between Iraq and Iran.   Neighboring two Towns and city both populations are belongs to Kurdish origin and theresidence majority kurds.its between( Pengwin and Iranian City Mariwan).

Bashmakh port explores its work from two angles. Firstly make the travel simple as possible and standard for Iranian visitors and other nationally travelling through this border.

Entering Kurdistan For the Purpose of work or tourists, permissible as long as the traveler holding the right types of documentations or valid passport during their visit there should be no obstacle.


Secondly offer a best value in terms of comfort and security. Handling the requirement for traders and commerce it’s our responsibility to do everything possible in our power to finish their work on time. Also organizing the paperwork’s for loaded trucks which gradually increasing.

The Port Of Bashmakh Is strong, active, and profitable for business, operating and developing state of the facilities, capable in doing withstand global economics heaviness and succeeded by experienced staffs to be among the greatest and utmost skilled place in the area.

Our approach is different to other organizations that offer specialist services.

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