ImmigrationTraining Center


ImmigrationTraining Center

Ever since from the creation of the Sulaymaniyah Immigration Center motivation was extraordinary due to the demand for training and standard knowledge about various skills such as, Document examining, English language, IT skills and so on. …

Main training course carried during the progression of recently established Directorate of Sulaimanyah Immigration. The first training completed was computer course to strengthen IT skills, followed by English courses in order to fulfill and increase the staff’s level of knowledge, this training course has supported the necessities of immigration workers. IOM has provided everything to accomplish the course. Immigration training center did not suspend its Training with assist from IOM until further courses offered at university of sulaimanyah.

Following the hard work off staff, Immigration officers thought to arrange a space inside a Directorate OF Sulaimanyah Immigration in order to perform further training to equip the staff. Relatively few training course has took a place with support of CDO organization and managed by Information Technology (IT) department parts of the directorate.

To broaden the course and giving the best possible skill to immigration workers, the administration had a meeting with IOM officials in Sulaimanyah to discuss the requirement for urgent opening center internally. After numbers of meeting with IOM subsequently IOM settle planning to open Immigration Training Centre inside the Directorate of Sulaymaniyah Immigration.

Shortly after the centers opened the training center has launched advanced level for tutor to train and prepare and educate the teachers so they can demonstrate consuming advanced material to match the current worlds standard needs of immigration rules and policy. Shortly after completing each training course.  The tutors will benefit from this improvement.  After while they will present to the immigration workers to handle daily concerns at work.

With appreciation to International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Australian Government prearranged consideration to these efforts and the desire of the Directorate of Sulaymaniyah Immigration decision to establish the center and PERMITTED by the ministry of Interior and General Directorate of nationality of the Kurdistan region, the result to establish this center on (27 / April / 2010) announcement by article 10473. Within the very short period of time the Directorate of Immigration along the IOM Sulaimanyah Office prepared all the required material and equipment for the center.

On the 01/07/2010 the center formally passed to Sulaymaniyah Immigration Directorate from IOM.

Immigration Training center made of supervision room and 4 other teaching rooms and Labs listed below.

Computer lab

English lab

Document examination room

Teaching room

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